Get the Most Out of Small Business Health Insurance, Texas

Help Insure Us connects you with 30 plus life & health providers in Texas, so we can offer you a vast range of options. In the last decade we’ve customized covered for many experienced business owners over age 65, and new university graduates just starting out. Working

hard over several decades to cover business owners and their families, my experience will guide you, your family, and your business through many of the problems you might encounter.

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Average health plan rates in the Lone Star state

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Small business health insurance is a good fit for you if:

  • You are starting a new business
  • You are currently self employed
  • You don’t have enough coverage under your partner’s plan
  • You have high premiums
  • You need to modify or enhance benefits

Together, we will compare plans to find the best fit for you. Sometimes Obamacare is not the best option, so I represent plans that aren’t covered under Obamacare, so small businesses can avoid the financial risk of subsidies.

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Tips for Small Business Health Insurance in Texas

Finding all the loopholes a plan can dodge through is really hard. That’s where Help Insure Us comes in. With my decades of expertise covering the self employed and their families, you can find out the answers to all of these questions and more, regarding self employed health insurance, Texas. You’ll never have to worry about hidden issues again.

Under Obamacare, it is next to impossible to change doctors. As most of the Obamacare plans are HMO’s there are so many regulations you have to negotiate when trying to see another doctor, just to get covered by the plans. With the many options I represent we can find you a PPO that covers you with any doctor. I know this and many other tips to help you negotiate the system.

We want to help you today to protect yourself against high costs in small business health insurance in Texas.

What Comes After Purchasing Self Employed Health Insurance in Texas

Once you have chosen, applied for, and have been covered by your new self employed health insurance here in Texas,  I’ll empower you in the use of your plan, and how to best protect yourself against potential high costs that will come your way. Many plans still allow you to choose your own doctor. The reality is that all of us are prone to forgetting aspects of our plan. So, I’ll remind you digitally about the unique aspects of your plan to help you get the best out of it.

It’s understandable that the details of health insurance plans can be so complicated that it is easy to forget why you bought it in the first place. Up to 85 percent of Americans don’t know what the basic benefits a health plan must offer. If that’s true, many Texans may forget the finer details of their plans and will need help remembering them.

I have spent decades learning the technology within this industry, so you don’t have to remember. My goal is to remind you digitally about the features and benefits within your plan. I can tell you how to find flexible enrollment dates, and other options. I know the details of drug plans, good and bad, and can help you and your family get the best out of them. And I keep you updated on any big changes in the industry, so you are not surprised when they happen.

For small business health insurance plans in Texas, some drugs can be covered better than others, and that is hard to remember at the pharmacist’s counter. The benefits of such features as preventative care is often forgotten.  Also, when you lose your business or your job it is hard to remember that some plans can be extended when you are unemployed.

That’s why I remind you about the reasons you bought your health insurance. A unique, custom plan designed for your needs to be used to the fullest extent. That’s why I send you regular updates digitally on the advantages your plan offers you.

Get an advantage when purchasing self employed health insurance in Texas with Help Insure Us! We’ll help to make sure your plan doesn’t cut deep into your business profits.

If you are a Texan and would like to review some Texas plans, contact us today!