The Small Business Health Insurance Broker

Since I started this company, health insurance has been ever-changing, year to year. In addition, whether it was watching out for fraud and bankruptcies, or the lack of needed insurance in the middle of the 20th century, there have always been medical issues not covered by health insurance.

The first insurance company in the USA was introduced in the 1800’s, offering accident insurance. The first version of health insurance was offered just post World War 1. It was shortly thereafter that small business health insurance brokers started to set up shop, because an independent voice was beginning to be needed to navigate health insurance.

Today, the insurance field has expanded dramatically with a massive range of insurance types being offered. You can find personal liability umbrella coverage and specialized insurance for snorkelers today, amongst others. Actually, there is too much variety for any one person to understand everything, as small business health insurance options alone can take years to understand clearly. Us small business owners simply don’t have the time to wear those many hats and can miss so much information.

That is why Help Insure Us is a small business health insurance broker. Small business health insurance costs, along with the fine print in the contracts, change every year, making health insurance harder and harder for the non-insurance professional to understand. Truly, the small business health insurance options can be intimidating. I want you to find the exact right insurance, with the right options, for your life.

That is why you need a small business health insurance broker working for you and the people who depend on you. I offer you my expertise, so you can easily make an informed choice. Contact me to see the difference a small business health insurance expert can make to your bottom line.

Small Business Health Insurance Costs

Today, I have access to a great range of tools to help your small business, ensuring you are protected against high health care costs, including alternatives to the Affordable Care Act. From the more than 30 non-Obamacare plans I can offer, to the incredible range of options in those plans, together we can build a great tool to ensure the health of you and those who depend on you. If you are a single person in their twenties, or a family of five, I will customize the plans offered and show you great options for your own needs.

These days, most small business owners are very focused on small business health insurance costs. With rates climbing more than 5 percent a year, and taking too much of your working capital, that is understandable. In the past I have overcome these problems hundreds of times, and I can help you overcome them too.

Contact me for the best options to cover those who depend on you today!

Small Business Health Insurance Options

Let me help your business excel, with better coverage, customer service, and lower costs. Find out which companies approve claims more often, which ones have the PPO you need, and which small business health insurance options you may not know.

As everyone will forget some benefits of their plan, I help you remember. Your plan details will be easier to use when I send you regular reminders, encourage you to stay healthy by informing you on lesser-known plan benefits, and give you tips on how to save money. You’ll discover you can be much more productive when you are healthier.

Contact me to discuss the range of small business health insurance options that are right for you.