Obamacare (A.C.A.), Medical Cost-Sharing Plans, and even more...with Help Insure Us

Obamacare (A.C.A.), Medical Cost-Sharing Plans, and even more…with Help Insure Us

Which Type of Health Plan offers Small Business owners the Best Value?

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Unless small business owners are receiving subsidies from the government to help pay for your Obamacare plan, some of you are having to pay upwards of $20,000 dollars a year for Obamacare coverage. And you STILL have to meet a deductible before they pay for any major medical care. This is a major reason why many entrepreneurs with whom I speak for the first time are noticeably frustrated and angry.

With health plan premiums increasing every year, sometimes by double digit percentages, premiums can be totally unreasonable.  In 2021, premiums in some states increased by up to 20% for the self-employed. COVID alone may account for a 10% increase in premiums. That’s a hefty portion of your monthly income paid into a product you may never really use.

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Yes, there are solutions to increasing insurance rates and other options to fewer doctors in Obamacare plan offerings. Want lower deductibles? Want to keep more of your hard-earned money? With my 20 years of experience in the industry and the 30 different insurance providers I work with, I will help you find a health plan to fit your unique needs.

If you are unsure if your plan is good for you, it probably isn’t. Contact me to find a healthcare plan that is a good fit

Are Medical Cost-Sharing Programs Really a Cure-all?

The official name for Medical Cost-Sharing is Healthcare Sharing Ministries (HCSM). That is what they are called under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Yes, though they are not Obamacare, they are indeed defined as an option under the ACA.

Let’s be candid here. A cure-all does not exists!  There isn’t a health plan available that will solve every

one’s needs.  For instance, an HCSM can limit who they take as members, just as many organizations limit who they accept. With over 100 HSCM’s out there, they all have their own way of conducting business, just as entrepreneurs do. That’s why you call me. I study them and determine which companies are most desirable with which to conduct business.  I ask the hard questions of these HCSM’s and only offer the plans that have a HelpInsureUsA” rating.

HCSM’s with our “A” rating must state that members are able to worship the God of their choice, in their own way and time, and still be part of the membership. If I offer medical sharing plans, they will allow a true freedom to worship. Without that freedom to worship, I will not quote a plan to small business owners, ever.

There are additional answered questions here

Which Medical Cost-Sharing Plans Does HelpInsureUs Offer

After I ensure your plan accepts all faiths, we can look at what else medical cost sharing plans offer. Small business owners are exempted from the tax penalty since these plans fall under the ACA. But, HCSM’s cannot qualify for subsidies under the ACA.  Still, as of 2021, well over a million Americans are covered by these health plans. When shopping for a health plan, the major driver of choosing a medical cost-sharing plan is that they offer the lower cost as monthly payments can be up to 50% less, and still protect you against the high medical costs of health care.

There are Alternatives to Obamacare

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Another bonus is that medical cost-sharing plans do not automatically increase your premiums every year, unlike almost any other health care plans on the market. With many other plans, monthly premiums increasing each year by more than 10%, many of the HCSM plans have not seen a rate hike in years. Another bonus is that medical cost-sharing plans are approved by federal law, under the Affordable Care Act, and are exempt from any tax penalty. They can be a great alternative to Obamacare for the self-employed.

If that has started making you question your current plan, give us a call.

We can set up a great healthcare cost-sharing plan for you today, because there are no fixed enrollment dates as with Obamacare. That’s right! We’re open for business all throughout the year.

The Organization of Companies Offering Medical Cost-Sharing Programs

First of all, because of the manner in which Medical Cost-Sharing plans are structured on paper, you need to be aware they ARE NOT INSURANCE. They are basically an organization of like-minded members. Yes, as far as you see, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but seriously, even some of the terms HCSM’s use are different from those used within an insurance plan and there are constant reminders to members about these differences.

These healthcare sharing plans operate as nonprofits, so they have a lower overhead in conducting business. Did you know that under the Affordable Care Act, up to 20% of your premium will go toward red tape and profit. In medical cost-sharing plans, much more of your monthly fee will be covering your health care costs, saving you money and supporting charities.

You may wonder if using medical cost-sharing programs are difficult to use. Have no fear, most medical cost-sharing plans are used in the same way most health plans are used. You will have an ID Card and be using a PPO network, just like a regular insurance plan.

HCSM’s health programs pricing are more stable as your State doesn’t regulate HCSM’s and therefore the State cannot tell HCSM’s to add other benefits onto the plans and then charge you for what they, the State, wants to be add to the HCSM plan. Stability wins.

Well over a million small business owners and their families pool their resources in Healthcare Sharing Plans today.

Contact me today to see if it is a good fit for you.

The Positive Features of Medical Cost Sharing Plans.

  1. Payments are up to 50% less
  2. Pricing does not go up every year
  3. Your out-of-pocket fee does not change every year, as with deductibles.
  4. Your health plan benefits can’t be changed by the state
  5. Regulations are far less intrusive
  6. Approved by federal law (ACA)
  7. Exempt from the tax penalty
  8. Membership based nonprofits means lower costs.

With HelpInsureUs, industry confusion won’t be a problem. You will come away with the health care plan you need. Since I represent over 30 healthcare-related companies, I’ll be able to give you a great range of choice in Medical Cost Sharing Programs.

Origins of Medical Sharing Programs

Many medical sharing plans are called health care sharing ministries. That’s because the first plans started in Amish and Mennonite communities, who started saving for medical care in their communities. That’s back when healthcare was still a private industry, not regulated at all by government. The plans slowly expanded over the following century, starting a large expansion in the 80’s and 90’s when larger HCSM’s were founded. Even then they were not well used, with medical sharing plans member numbers being very low.

However, healthcare sharing plans growth in membership started exploding after the Affordable Care Act was passed. Today it looks like the HCSM’s have increased members by fivefold since 2014. And it is clear why, cost. Some Healthcare Sharing Plans have gone a decade without increasing their medical sharing programs rates. That is quite the comparison to the 25% average healthcare premium increase since 2014 under Obamacare.

Today, the medical cost sharing plans I represent accept all religions allowing almost anyone to enroll. Before you enroll, the plan will go to great pains to explain the differences between medical sharing programs and normal insurance, however it can still be confusing. If you are interested more information in the difference, contact me for an explanation.

What is the Downside of Medical Sharing Plans?

Because of the downsides, I do not represent plans that limit enrollment based on religion. All the plans I represent accept all religions and styles of worship. But aside from limiting members, another issue is the customer confusion about exactly what healthcare sharing plans do. For instance, most states do not regulate HSCM, nor do they consider them insurance. That means you have fewer legal recourses if they go bankrupt. As they are a new option to most people, this may come as a surprise.

Calling me at (855) 201-7143 and asking about medical sharing programs is the best way to avoid these hidden surprises.

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