Must-Know’s When Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Tips for choosing a life insurance beneficiary Reading Time: 6 minutes Choosing a beneficiary for your life insurance policy is a decision that might not be as easy as you think. A beneficiary receives assets if you die while the policy is still active. But deciding who gets your money isn’t always just a matter […]

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When to Review a Life Insurance Policy

Your life insurance policy can offer assurance and stability for your family should you pass away. But that policy needs to be revised and updated from time to time, especially when a life-changing experience occurs. Review your policy if one of the following events occurs. Having a child Having kids is a lot of responsibility. […]

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What is TERM insurance?

TERM LIFE INSURANCE is so-named because it is designed to last a specified period of time – a term. You have a TERM in school.  A politician has a TERM in office. WHOLE LIFE insurance is the opposite of term life. It is designed to last a lifetime.  A great benefit is that it accumulates […]

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