How Small Businesses Benefit from Life Insurance

Strategies on How Small Businesses Benefit from Life Insurance Every day, as a small business owner, the decisions you make will affect many people in your life.  Developing a solid life insurance strategy will determine how your small business prospers.  Surprisingly, a valuable tool for owners in solving various business needs is through the proper […]

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Yikes! What she found in her medical records was devastating

First off, understand this. They’re YOUR medical records. Recently, someone applying for one of our health plans learned something that truly shocked her. Written in her records was a diagnosis identified as a debilitating muscle disease and the doctor never told her! You may have a medical condition listed in your medical records that you really […]

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Should I Ask for the Cash Price at My Doctor’s Office?

What happens if a PROVIDER joins a provider network such as a CIGNA HMO or PHCS PPO or BC/BS HMO? Answer: The provider has agreed on “negotiated” pricing for patients with a health plan using those networks.   FACT:  Negotiated rates paid by YOUR HEALTH PLAN to doctors are sometimes more than the cash price […]

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