"Short-Term" Health Plans - Better Fit for You and Your Family?

“Short-Term” Health Plans – Better Fit for You and Your Family?

Not all health insurance plans are created equal

Some health plans are meant to cover you and your small business for a very long time, and others are meant to cover you for short terms, and others only cover limited conditions. However, just like long term plans, there are hidden pitfalls that you might not know about. These types of plans are meant to fill a specific need such as when someone is looking for a short term health plans just to cover them while they are in-between jobs.

Before you purchase a plan for those who depend on you, remember that short-term health plans are not regulated like long-term, Obamacare plans. For example, short term health plans will not cover pre-existing conditions. They are not required to cover preventative health either. That’s because they are one of the options that isn’t regulated under Obamacare.

Since they are outside of Obamacare, they have fewer rules to abide by, and benefits are not changed. Short term health plans can last from just a few days to as long as six months, but many companies today are now guaranteeing that the plans can be renewed for up to 3 years.

Not included on short-term health plans

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But, if you are between comprehensive health plans, need coverage in a hurry, or want to top up your coverage, short term health plans can be the right fit for you, your business, and your family. I can quickly explain the differences between the options and get you into a plan that fits your own unique needs. They are great ways to protect yourself against high health care costs.

Contact me to find out why short term health plans are valuable for you, your small business, and your family.

Hidden Pitfalls in Short Term Health Insurance Plans

  1. Overly Complex Applications
  2. Denials of Pre-existing Conditions Coverage
  3. Omitted from many ACA rules
  4. Most don’t have to cover maternity, drug rehab, or prescription drugs
  5. No subsidies for short term plans – (subsidies are for Obamacare only).

To avoid these issues, contact me for a free and confidential assessment.

Why You May Benefit from Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

If short term health plans are available in your state, you may want to sign up for one in just in case of an emergency. That is because short term health plans cover emergencies, some cover doctor visits and specialized care. But it is hard to paint all the plans with the same brush, as the details on all those issues vary greatly. There are some potentially hidden reasons why a plan isn’t good for your small business. These plans are not designed to last a long time, as short term health plans are only for temporary use.

Term life insurance is also an inexpensive option

Another kind of TERM insurance

Detailed explanations of short term health plans are available if you contact me today. I can empower you with the details that you might miss, and give you tips on how to protect yourself against the high costs of healthcare.  Short term health plans can start as soon as the NEXT DAY!

Premiums are less expensive for short term health plans. The average ACA premium was 500 dollars a month in 2020, leaving most subscribers to pay over $6,000 dollars a year for their insurance. Short term plans can cost 30-50% percent less than that. The tradeoff is that they are affordable because they cover less, but generally they cover the big stuff.

I have had more than one client choose short term health plans, for their family and other dependents. They can make a great plan if you are between jobs or have finished off your COBRA coverage. In many cases, short term health plans are less than COBRA plans.

One bonus is that applications, premiums and approval can be very quick. You can be approved tomorrow. In emergencies, short term health plans may be the best way to top up your current insurance or cover dependents if they age out of their parent’s insurance.

Short term health insurance plans are a contract, and as such whatever it covers stays as part of the plan until you stop paying for it.

Fewer regulations cover them. For example, pregnancy is often not one of the specialized conditions covered.

If you do want a short-term health plan that covers a pre-existing condition, contact me now! I will help you navigate the dangers of health insurance for small business owners.

Small Business Owners can also Benefit from Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

  • To cover emergencies
  • Fast approval
  • Lower cost
  • The flexible nature of short-term health plans can prove appealing
  • Depending on your State, these plans can last from 30 days to 3 years

Contact me now to find the short term health insurance plans for you.