The Best Health Insurance for Self Employed Entrepreneurs

I have been an insurance agent for over 20 years, empowering self employed business owners with the right health coverage. Over that time, I have seen many small business owners commit to insurance that doesn’t fit their needs. There have been options they never used, and resulting premiums higher than they ever expected, cutting into their business profits.

The first big problem is that everyone forgets some of their plan benefits, resulting in less-than-ideal use of their health plan.

How do we address that issue?

We send you regular reminders concerning benefits you may be missing out on; we highlight features that can save you even more money; and we teach you how to avoid common mistakes. We do all this so you will have confidence when choosing the best health insurance for self employed professionals.

I have worked in multiple states, including Arizona, Colorado and Texas. Over that time, I have matched hundreds of insurance plans with thousands of small businesses to deliver affordable health insurance for self employed small business owners. Today, after a quick chat, I can zoom into the two or three plans that match your and your family’s unique needs and budget, so you don’t have to waste time becoming an expert in health care. You can spend that time focusing on your business, knowing that you are protected against high medical costs.

Health Insurance for the Self Employed

Since 2004, I have been offering insurance online. That’s how I have built an expertise in delivering the right health insurance options for self employed subcontractors. With past clients including dentists, car repair shops, and communications equipment salesmen I have the right experience to guide you through the 30 or more different insurance providers I partner with. These providers include an incredible array of options, from focused, short term plans, to full coverage long term plans. With these and the multiple options they hold, I can offer you and your family the right coverage, no matter you needs.

However, there is no one size fits all solution. You need to find the right plan that fits your unique needs. With Help Insure Us on board you can cut through the confusion and successfully choose the best health insurance for self employed entrepreneurs. I can show you the plans you qualify for under Obama care, and the plans that compete with Obamacare. Many Americans have innovated around Obamacare developing great plans that are far cheaper.

Together, we will find affordable health insurance for self employed entrepreneurs like you. Contact me today!

Health Insurance Options for Self Employed Entrepreneurs

With my experience across hundreds of health plans and thousands of customers, you will be able to zoom into the plans that fit your personal needs the best. You will not have to do any sifting through the confusing health care world out there to find the best health insurance for self employed small business owners.

I know that health care plans are confusing for the average small business owner, so I am willing to answer any questions you might have about health insurance options for self employed professionals. Whether you want to know about insurance plan or PPO changes I am happy to find answers for you.

In the past, I have found solutions for business owners in their 50’s, no matter their income, and made sure they never had to worry about their health plans again.

Ask me what options I can find you at

Affordable Health Insurance for Self Employed

I have been able to help many small businesses start up with affordable health insurance for self employed individuals. This can be tricky because of the complicated rules that can govern these plans. It can be made more complicated by the yearly regulation changes too. As a result, there are many pitfalls the self-employed might fall into. Some of the common pitfalls are simple mistakes. Some small business owners can wait too long to claim their expenses. Others can forget what the details of their health insurance options for self employed professionals are.

After I have helped you navigate the rules, finding the right fit for you, I will help you get the most out of your plans. To solve this problem, I will send you regular reminders highlighting what you may be missing out on. I will remind you why you chose your health insurance options for the self employed. Then, I will give you advice on how to best utilize your plan, after you sign up for your best health insurance for self employed small business owners, so you can save money.

As up to 90% of clients can forget why the best health insurance for self employed entrepreneurs is the best fit for them, I have found that reminders can significantly improve your usage of the plan you chose.

Ask me how I will help you get the best out of affordable health insurance for self employed business owners today!

Other Options for the Self Employed

The affordable health insurance for self employed options are vast. Do you need supplemental plans for Medicare? I can point you at plans and explore the great range of options they offer with you. However, if you are under 65, I can find the affordably focused health plans that fit your unique needs.

I know that we can choose affordable health insurance for self employed entrepreneurs that have the unique options you need. However, the plans may not address your needs in the future, or the emergencies that might occur. In those cases, I have helped many small businesses find the flexible solutions they need to address changes in their needs.

Income protection or critical illness insurance can also be essential health insurance options for self employed small business owners. How will you pay your bills if you become disabled, even for just 6 months?  These plans are a great way to protect yourself against injury or illness because 25% of people will experience an extended period of disability in their lifetime. Without this coverage, you are leaving yourself at considerable financial risk as a self employed entrepreneur.

If any of these sound like the best health insurance for self employed professionals like you contact me today!