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The Best Small Business Health Insurance

For each small business owner, there is a plan for your small business health insurance needs. With my hard-won expertise in health plans for small business owners I can find the options you need attached to an affordable price.

That is because too many small business owners can’t afford good small business health insurance plans. Too many, especially now, may have to choose between health and other necessities. I am still in this business, after 20 years, to help every small business I can avoid that choice. To date, I have helped thousands of businesses find a solution to that complex problem, by explaining the solutions that fit each small business owner’s unique needs.

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How We Help You Find the Best Small Business Health Insurance

With my help all small business owners can find a range of small business health insurance plans that will keep self-employed professionals, individuals, and their families financially protected.

  1. First, we will talk about what you as a small business owner need in small business health plans.
  2. Next, I do the legwork reviewing the 200 or more plans you can choose. This reduces your need to review each plan you, as a small business owner, can choose.
  3. Then I will explain the options for small business health insurance coverage out there, with options designed to fit small business owner, subcontractor, and family needs.
  4. Last, when you are fully informed, I will ensure you, choose great small business health plans.

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Benefits of Help Insure Us Advice.

As a small business owner since 1976, I am aware of the many hats small business owners must wear. You have to be an accountant, marketer, and sometimes a fry cook. I wear the health insurance broker hat, so you don’t have to learn another job. Because of that, I can find the best health plan to meet your needs and I can do it quickly.

Whether you are self-employed in your twenties or are 55 years old with a number of employees, I will be able to help you find small business health plans customized to your needs. I’ve insured pre-schools, excavators, and restauranters among a large variety of other professions. I have delivered the best small business health insurance plans for thousands of self employed professionals and will be able to find the best small business health insurance plan for you.

Understand the Market

Obamacare has dominated the headlines, but it is not the only small business health insurance option. There are a great range of poorly understood health plan options in your state alone. Unlock the hidden secrets of the health insurance with me.


Depending on your own unique needs, you will be empowered to choose between the small business health insurance plans and options you want, and only pay for those. You will cover your needs, and not pay for what you don’t want.


Under Obamacare, every year your small business health plans may change. Your doctors may no longer be in your network, higher deductibles can appear out of nowhere, and increased premiums can hit your bottom line. This means your health insurance value shrinks. Together we will ensure your small business health insurance plan remains flexible enough to adapt to an unforeseen future.


Some plans, like Obamacare, require you to enroll in the last two months of the year. But there are small business health insurance plans that have open enrollment all year long. If your needs change in the middle of the year, I can still enroll you in a great plan.

Follow up

It is important that you get as much use out of your plan as possible. So, after you enroll in one of the best small business health insurance plans, I will follow up with you. I’ll highlight the aspects of your plan that you might have missed, so you are able to use your self employed small business health plan to its fullest.

We all know that health insurance is a necessity, if you want protection against high medical costs. However, most lack the knowledge, expertise, and industry data to carefully choose the right option out of the many small business health insurance plans. Partner with me, and we will cut through the jargon delivering the best possible fit for you.

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