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FAQs about Health Plans in the USA

    • Can I enroll into Obamacare anytime I want?

      ObamaCare is the popular name ascribed to the federal Exchange for individuals & families, as opposed to Employer group plans or to Healthcare Sharing plans. Healthcare Sharing plans allow you to enroll ALL YEAR. As of 2018, you have less than 60 days to enroll into an ObamaCare health plan. In 2017 it was during the last two months of the year with an effective date for the health plan to begin no earlier than JAN 1st of the following year. Annual enrollment schedules can be changed by Health & Human Services.
    • Can I keep my doctor?

      To know if you can still see your doctor, you need to check to make sure your doctor is part of your Obamacare health plan. It changes every year. There are some Healthcare Sharing plans that allow you to visit ANY doctor or hospital without penalty. Others still offer the nationwide PPO option that have the largest amount of available providers. We believe that in the future, in most cases, access to doctors will work much like it does today. Health insurance plans will contract with networks of doctors, specialists, and hospitals. As long as your doctor is contracted with your plan, there is no reason to believe that doctor will stop taking appointments. However, it may take longer to see a physician in person. In some areas, the number of people who have health insurance will increase significantly, but there may not be a corresponding increase in the number of doctors and other medical providers.
    • Will I qualify for a SUBSIDY under Obamacare?

      Go to: It's a free website that will search for the plans available in your area and ask you some questions to determine eligibility.  
    • HMO and PPO? What does that mean?

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    • What is Minimum Essential Coverage?

      Minimum essential coverage is the term used to describe both the coverage that an individual must have to avoid the individual shared responsibility tax and the coverage that large employers must offer to full-time employees and dependents to avoid the $2,000 penalty under Code Section 4980H(a).
    • Am I still required to but a health plan? Was the "Individual Mandate" repealed?

      The Individual Mandate has been repealed. There is no longer a fee for not having health insurance. The fee may still be owed for the 2017 calendar year and past years, however it won’t be owed for 2019 forward (the mandated was repealed in the 2017 tax bill, but the changes don’t kick in until 2019). Thus, you may still have to deal with the fee when filing taxes for the 2017 calendar year in 2018, but won’t have to deal with it moving forward.
    • How much will my monthly payment change each year?


      The answer here is both sad and scary. Rates for Obamacare since 2014 are shown in the graph here.  Every January there is a rate adjustment. Healthcare Sharing plans do not have scheduled increases. In fact, we only know of two increases in the last 20 years.
    • How long after I enroll in a plan will coverage take effect?

      In most states if you enroll in a private health insurance plan any time between November 1 and December 15 and make your first premium payment by the due date specified by your plan, your new health coverage starts January 1.
    • Do we offer the Obamacare plans for individuals and families?

      We no longer offer Obamacare nor do we offer company plans for groups. We only offer the health plans under the Affordable Care Act that are defined as Healthcare Sharing health plans. These plans protect you from having to pay the TAX PENALTY.
    • Can Legal Immigrants Get Covered?

      A legal immigrant can buy a private plan such as our Healthcare Sharing plans and may even be able to get cost assistance through ObamaCare (if they file taxes), but can’t get Medicaid before 5 years in most cases.